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  1. Does anyone have problems with game it’s self loading up then going to game updates then it disappearing. I have 19 games to play and can’t play a dang one.

  2. Why are we still getting prizes when we don’t need them anymore. I need coins, not useless postcards, cupcakes, etc. I’ve already earned them all.

  3. I’m having trouble resetting my password after I had to reload my app. I keep getting sent to my email then to the zynga website to no avail. And I don’t have facebook so could someone from this company contact me. I’ve been playing this game for two years now and don’t want to lose all of my coins. Thank you

  4. As you can see above this comment area the letters are jumbled & not legible. Please advise me what went wrong. I’ve tried this several times to no avail.

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