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  1. sometimes when i start a playing the screen is black, but it still functions. I just can’t see anything. I can’t see the letters, the categories or even how many words are there. I have tried to force stop the app.; i have tried turning off and on the phone and re-installing the app. does anybody else ever have this problem and know of a solution?

    • It is just practice, there are two numbers that a spin will start with, 700 or 500 and you as you spin and adjust and hit the stop to the bottom right for it to slow down and most of the time you will get it… You have to keep your eyes on it!! Good luck

  2. 8 have completed all stars on 2 different categories of am one athletes añd first world problems–but it did not unlock thencaegories that should be once tesenere “mastered”. How can I master it??

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