Fictional Characters

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Fictional CharactersWordsLettersFirst Word Letters
Solid Snake2105
Doctor Doom2106
Boba Fett284
Holden Caulfield2156
Cosmo Kramer2115
Jack Bauer294
Snow White294
James Bond295
Ash Williams2113
Malcolm Reynolds2157
Kara Thrace2104
Captain James Kirk3167
Hercules, Son of Zeus4178
Cloud Strife2115
Donald Duck2106
Bugs Bunny294
Captain Ahab2117
Winnie the Pooh3136
Ellen Ripley2115
Princess Leia2128
Dr. Sam Beckett3122
Edward Cullen2126
Betty Draper2115
Scarlett O'Hara2138
Robin Hood295
Omar Little2104
Miss Piggy294
Harold and kumar3146
John Locke294
Judge Dredd2105
Atticus Finch2127
Rocky Balboa2115
Severus Snape2127
Jerry Maguire2125
Sherlock Holmes2148
Homer Simpson2125
Squall Leonhart2146
Lois Lane284
Alice in Wonderland3175
Raistlin Majere2148
Steve Urkel2105
Bert & Ernie294
Ayanami Rei2107
Green Lantern2125
Mickey Mouse2116
Ghost Rider2105
Prince Hamlet2126
Darth Vader2105
Rachel Berry2116
Aeryn Sun285
Kermit The Frog3136
Merlin Ambrosius2156
Sheldon Cooper2137
Indiana Jones2127
Sir Lancelot2113
Popeye the Sailorman3186
Agent Smith2105
Tom Sawyer293
Lord Voldemort2134
Dorothy Gale2117
Optimus Prime2127
Timon & Pumbaa2115
Bridget Jones2127
Carrie Bradshaw2146
Bilbo Baggins2125
The Mummy283
Jayne Cobb295
Cookie Monster2136
Peter Venkman2125
Johnny Bravo2116
Samwise Gamgee2137
King Arthur2104
Frodo Baggins2125
Captain Jack Sparrow3187
Jacob Black2105
Count Dracula2125
Al Bundy272
Jean-Luc Picard3137
Incredible Hulk21410
Veronica Mars2128
Iron Man274
Samus Aran295
Grim Reaper2104
Flash Gordon2115
Barney Stinson2136
Tyler Durden2115
Dr. Leonard Mccoy3142
Jedi Master Yoda3144
Patrick Bateman2147
Conan the Barbarian3175
Dexter Morgan2126
Hello Kitty2105
Napoleon Dynamite2168
Peter Griffin2125
Yuna Braska2104
Han Solo273
Mike Wazowski2124
Guybrush Threepwood2188
Eric Cartman2114
River Tam285
Emmett Brown2116
Bart Simpson2114
Beavis and Butt Head4176
Jeffrey Lebowski2157
Elizabeth Bennet2159
Laura Roslin2115
Nathan Drake2116
Lara Croft294
Master Chief2116
Hermione Granger2158
Luke Skywalker2134
Mario & Luigi2105
Ebenezer Scrooge2158
Betty Boop295
Don Draper293
Dr. Gregory House3142
Tinker Bell2106
Tony Soprano2114
Hannibal Lecter2148
Big Bird273
John Carter2104
Sarah Connor2115
Pee Wee Herman3123
Lena Duchannes2134
Rachel Green2116
Batman & Joker2116
Scooby Doo296
Calvin & Hobbes2126
Wicked Witch of The West5206
Doctor Strange2136
Willy Wonka2105
Peter Pan285
Austin Powers2126
Mr. Peabody292
Harry Potter2105
Mr. Spock282
Jeffrey O the Dudeo Lebowski5247
Road Runner2104
Daffy Duck295
The Power Rangers3153
Batman and Robin3146
The Green Hornet3143
Minnie Mouse2116
The Jetsons2103
The Flintstones2143
Mr. Bean262
Fogell Aka Mclovin3166
Scarlett Oohara2148
Dr. Leonard Bones McCoy4192
Spider Man296

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  1. Please add Scarlett Oohara ( 2 Os). I was convinced it was a spelling error; turns out it’s a comic book character.

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