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Inventors & InventionsWordsLettersFirst Word Letters
Marion Donovan & Disposable Diapers4306
Rudolf Diesel & Diesel Engine4246
Bartolomeo Cristofori & Piano32510
Isaac Singer & Sewing Machine4245
Jean Foucault & Gyroscope (Leon)3214
Joel Glickman & K'nex3164
Leo Gerstenzan Q Tips4183
Norman J. Woodland & Bar Code5226
Thomas Sullivan & Tea Bags4216
Rowland Hill & Postage Stamp4237
George W. Carver & Peanuts5236
Jesse Reno & Escalator3185
Thomas A. Edison & Light Bulb5226
Elisha Otis & Elevator Brake4236
Allen Gant & Pantyhose3185
Noah and Joseph McVicker & Play-doh5284
James Ritty & Cash Register4225
Ralph Baer & Video Game Console5255
Edwin Moore & Push Pin4175
Arthur Wynne & Crossword Puzzle4266
Alfred Butts & Scrabble3196
Jacques Cousteau & Aqualung3237
Carl Magee & Parking Meter4214
Nikola Tesla & Radio3166
Jozel (Jozef) Murgas & Wireless Telegraph4285
Percy Spencer & Microwave Oven4255
Lewis Waterman Fountain Pen4245
Lloyd Coperman & Electric Stove (Copeman misspell)4265
Richard James & Slinky3187
Louis Braille & Braille Writing4265
Felix Hoffmann & Aspirin3205
Eli Whitney & Cotton Gin4193
James Naismith & Basketball3235
Georges Audemars & Rayon3207
Thomas A. Edison & Phonograph4236
Chris Sholes & Typewriter3215
Joseph Priestley and Soda Water5276
Aurel Stodola Gas Turbines4235
William Morrison, Cotton Candy4267
Arnold Beckman & Ph Meter4206
James Naismith and Football Helmet5305
Earle Dickson & Band-Aid4205
Sergey Brin & Larry Page & Google5266
James Plimpton & Roller Skates4255
George Crum & Potato Chips4216
Robert Bunsen & Bunsen Burner4243
Arthur Holmes & Geologic Time Scale5296
Frank Epperson & Ice Popsicle4245
Robert Adler & Wireless Remote4256
Stephanie Kwolek and Kevlar4249
Hyman Rickover and Nuclear Submarine5325
John Barber & Gas Turbine4204
Edwin Budding & Lawnmower3215
Leo Gerstenzan & Q-Tips3183
Chester Carlson & Xerography3247
Lewis Urry & Alkaline Battery4245
Joel Houghton & Dishwasher3224
Wright Brothers & Airplane3226
Bessie Nesmith & Liquid Paper (Bette)4246
John Venn & Venn Diagram4194
Andreas Stihl and Chain Saw5237
Edwin Perkins & Kool Aid4195
Johann Vaaler & Paper Clip4216
John Wright & Lincoln Logs4214
John Hyatt & Celluloid3184
Edward Teller & Hydrogen Bomb4246
Wilhelm Von Roentgen & X-rays (Rontgen)4237
Harry Brearley, Stainless Steel4275
Mary Anderson & Windshield Wiper4274
Adolphe Sax & Saxophone3197
Samuel Colt & Revolver3186
Thomas Savery & Steam Engine4236
Whitcomb Judson & Zipper3208
Gino Tsai & Razor Scooter4204
Sylvester Roper & Motorcycle3249
Garrett Morgan & Gas Mask4207
Tokuji Hawakawa & Mechanical Pencil (Hayakawa)4306
Roger Bacon & Magnifying Glass4255
Levi Strauss & Blue Jeans4204
Alexander G. Bell & Telephone4239
Henry Seely & Electric Iron4225
Paul Winchell & Artificial Heart4274
John Pemberton & Coca-Cola3214
Joseph Gayetty & Toilet Paper4246
Stephanie Kwolek & Kevlar3219
Karl Jansky & Radio Astronomy4244
Henry Seeley & Electric Iron4235
Richard Drew & Adhesive Tape4237
Edwin Land & Polaroid Camera4235
Andreas Stihl & Chain Saw4207
Marion Donovan & Disposable Diaper4296
James Naismith & Football Helmet4275
Joseph Priestley & Soda Water4246
Sergey Brin and Larry Page & Google6286
Hyman Rickover & Nuclear Submarine4295
Lloyd Copeman & Electric Stove4255
John Pemberton & Cocoa Cola4224

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