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Movies from BooksWordsLettersFirst Word Letters
The English Patient3173
Fight Club295
Dances with Wolves3166
The First Wives Club4173
The Stone Angel3133
He's Just Not That Into You6213
It's a Wonderful Life4173
The Jungle Book3133
Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire7295
Where the Wild Things Are5215
The Lovely Bones3143
Interview with the Vampire4239
Breakfast at Tiffany's3199
The Hobbit293
The Graduate2113
Starship Troopers2168
The Talented Mr. Ripley4193
Catch Twenty Two3145
The Green Hornet3143
Field of Dreams3135
The Pianist2103
Hotel For Dogs3125
Doctor Dolittle2146
The Postman2103
How to Train Your Dragon5203
Short Circuit2125
Robin Hood295
The Outsiders2123
War And Peace3113
Sherlock Holmes2148
The Lost World3123
Escape To Witch Mountain4216
A Time To Kill4111
Days of Thunder3134
The Lady In The Lake5163
Portrait of a Lady4158
Message in a Bottle4167
The Return of The King5183
All The King's Men4143
The Last King of Scotland5213
The Bourne Identity3173
The Green Mile3123
The General's Daughter3193
Planet of the Apes4156
The Wizard of Oz4133
Snow Falling on Cedars4194
The Three Musketeers3183
You Only Live Twice4163
The War of the Roses5163
The Godfather2123
The Shining2103
Romeo & Juliet2115
The Joy Luck Club4143
The Last of the Mohicans5203
The Adventures of Tom Sawyer5243
A Walk to Remember4151
The Poseidon Adventure3203
Friday Night Lights3176
Race To Witch Mountain4194
The Black Stallion3163
Prince and the Pauper4186
The Hunger Games3143
V For Vendetta3121
Clockwork Orange2159
Dangerous Minds2149
Alice in Wonderland3175
The Terminal Man3143
The Indian in the Cupboard5223
Diamonds are Forever3188
The Two Towers3123
The King and I4113
The Grapes of Wrath4163
Forrest Gump2117
Les Miserables2133
Matchstick Men21310
Freaky Friday2126
James and the Giant Peach5215
The Color Purple3143
A Christmas Carol3151
The Devil Wears Prada4183
Up in the Air4102
The Phantom of the Opera5203
Cat in the Hat4113
How Stella Got Her Groove Back6253
Moulin Rouge2116
The Man With The Golden Gun6223
The Secret Life of Bees5193
The Man in the Iron Mask6193
The War of the Worlds5173
The Da Vinci Code4143
Gone With the Wind4154
Polar Express2125
The Last Song3113
Donny Brasco2115
Stealing Heaven2148
Memoirs of a Geisha4167
I Married a Princess4171
How The Grinch Stole Christmas5263
How to Eat Fried Worms5183
A Perfect Storm3131
Cloud Atlas2105
The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo6263
Mary Poppins2114
A Night To Remember4161
The Picture of Dorian Gray5223
The Lorax283
Saving Grace2116
Silence of the Lambs4177
Angels and Demons3156
Of Mice and Men4122
The Great Train Robbery4203
The Exorcist2113
Horton Hears A Who4156
Dear John284
Chitty Chitty Bang Bang4206
Sleepy Hollow2126
American Psycho2148
The Spy Who Loved Me5163
Eat, Pray, Love3113
No Country for Old Men5182
Atlas Shrugged2135
The Notebook2113
Hunchback of Notre Dame4209
Around the World in Eighty Days6266
Harry Potter2115
The Great Gatsby3143
Out of Sight3103
Primal Fear2106
Beautiful Creatures2189
Percy Jackson2125
Patriot Games2127
Lawnmower Man2129
Animal Farm2106
The Hunt for Red October5203
Die Hard273
Stand By Me395
The Shawshank Redemption3223
Quantum Of Solace3157
The Great Escape3143
The Count of Monte Cristo5213
Diary of a Wimpy Kid5165
Kiss The Girls3124
Prince Caspian2136
A Tree Grows in Brooklyn5201
Father of the Bride4166
Moby Dick284
The Princess Bride3163
Shutter Island2137
Sin City273
Scott Pilgrim2125
Nanny McPhee2115
The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe7293
Three Hundred2125
The Blind Side3123
Stuart Little2126
New Moon273
Lord of the Rings4144
Jurassic Park2128
Rum Diary283
Battle Royale2126
Total Recall2115
The Bourne Legacy3153
V Is For Vendetta4141
Oliver Twist2116
Donnie Brasco2126
The Juror283
Revolutionary Road21713
Dr. Zhivago292
Schindler's List21410
Out of Africa3113
Million Dollar Baby3177
Charlotte's Web21411

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