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Singer/ActorWordsLettersFirst Word Letter
Jennifer Lopez2138
Michael McKean2137
John Lennon2104
Snoop Dogg295
Jamie Foxx295
Frank Sinatra2125
Jessica Simpson2147
Jared Leto295
Dean Martin2104
Willow Smith2116
Ice Cube273
Victor Garber2126
Mariah Carey2116
Toni Collette2124
Scarlett Johansson2178
Tom Waites293
Jennifer Hudson2148
Harry Connick Jr.3145
Sean Combs294
Eddie Murphy2115
Miley Cyrus2105
Billy Bob Thornton3165
Johnny Depp2106
Dwight Yoakam2126
David Bowie2105
Adrian Grenier2136
Ryan Gosling2114
Mark Wahlberg2124
Toby Keith294
Zac Efron283
John Stamos2104
Mandy Moore2105
Jackie Chan2106
Billie Piper2116
Courtney Love2128
Tim McGraw293
Mick Jagger2104
Will Smith294
Ashley Tisdale2136
Jeff Bridges2114
Fifty Cent295
Tex Ritter293
Patrick Swayze2137
Tupac Shakur2115
Phil Collins2114
Kylie Minogue2125
LL Cool J372
Bruce Willis2115
Reba McEntire2124
Marc Anthony2114
Deborah Harry2127
John Travolta2124
Dolly Parton2115
Justin Timberlake2166
Jack Black294
Johnny Cash2106
Kevin Bacon2105
Russell Crowe2127
Jon Bon Jovi3103
Terrence Howard2148
Traci Lords2105
Christina Aguilera2179
Whitney Houston2147
Antonio Banderas2157
Beyonce Knowles2147
Meat Loaf284
Keanu Reeves2115
Bing Crosby2104
Juliette Lewis2138
Alan Arkin294
Andre Benjamin2135
Liza Minnelli2124
Zooey Deschanel2145
Tyrese Gibson2126
Heather Graham2137
Joaquin Phoenix2147
Stacy Ferguson2135
Bette Midler2115
Barbra Streisand2156
Kristin Chenoweth2167
Claudia Christian2167
Janet Jackson2125
Hilary Duff2106
Jada Pinkett Smith3164
Wayne Brady2105
Tom Waits283
Billy Ray Cyrus3135
Charles Chaplin2147
Judy Garland2114
Sonny Bono295
Julie Andrews2125
Hugh Jackman2114
Aubrey Graham2126
Lindsay Lohan2127
Elvis Presley2125
Queen Latifah2125
Gary Sinise2104
Debbie Harry2116
Michael Jackson2147
Britney Spears2137
Andy Griffith2124
David Hasselhoff2155
Gwyneth Paltrow2147
Lenny Kravitz2125
Dee Snider293
Joan Jett284
Raven Simone2115
Tom Hanks283
Gerard Butler2126
Gerard Jugnot2126
Jesse Eisenberg2145
Ella Fitzgerald2144
Justin Bieber2126
Belinda Carlisle2157
Maroon 5, Adam Levine3166
Marie Laforet2125
Denis Derkian2125
Dan Aykroyd2103
Geri Halliwell2134
Michael Buble2127


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