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80'sWordsLettersFirst Word Letter
Pillow People2126
Belle & Sebastian2145
Muppet Babies2126
Belinda Carlisle2157
Who’s the Boss3114
Mood Ring284
Easy Bake Oven3124
Dark Crystal2114
Pogo Ball284
Teen Beat284
Super Nintendo2135
Nintendo Gameboy2158
Book It264
My Little Pony3122
Glo Worm273
My Pet Monster3122
Fresh Prince of Bel Air5195
The Jefferson's2133
My Buddy & Kid Sister4162
The Mullet293
Larry Bird295
Magic Johnson2125
Trapper Keeper2137
Degrassi Junior High3188
Molly Ringwald2135
You Can’t Do That On Television6253
Big Hair273
Sweet Valley Twins3165
Frosted Tips2117
Troy Aikman2104
Breakfast Club2139
Punky Brewster2135
Macintosh Computers2189
British Knights2147
Garbage Pail Kids3157
Honey, I Shrunk The Kids5195
Tinkerbell Nail Polish32010
Teddy Ruxpin2115
I Want My MTV4101
Where’s The Beef3136
Banana Clips2116
G.I. Joe252
Like Totally2114
President Ronald Reagan3219
Pac Man263
Cabbage Patch Kids3167
Rob Lowe273
Michael Jackson2147
Gag Me With a Spoon5153
Rocky Balboa2115
Karate Kid296
Carmen Sandiego2146
Sixteen Candles2147
Weird Science2125
Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure5294
Charm Necklaces2145
Star Wars284
Thriller by Michael Jackson4248
Pound Puppies2125
Charles in Charge3157
Hypercolor Tshirt21610
E.T. Phone home3122
Cyndi Lauper2115
Top Gun263
Leg Warmers2103
Chunky Sweaters2146
Reeboks With The Straps4207
Boom Box274
Super Mario Brothers3185
The Shawshank Redemption3223
Donkey Kong2106
Jose Canseco2114
The Golden Girls3143
Barbie and The Rockers4196
Joe Montana2103
Bon Jovi273
Hands Across America3185
The Shining2103
Trans-Am with T-tops3167
“What You Talkin' Bout Willis?”5234
Say Anything2113
Chia Pets284
The Clapper2103
Debbie Gibson2126
Cassette Tapes2138
Be Kind, Rewind3122
The Go-Go's283
Hulk Hogan294
Polo Cologne2114
Rubik's Cube2106
Pretty In Pink3126
Jelly Shoes2105
Friendship Bracelets21910
The Goonies2103
L.A. Gear262
Saved by the Bell4145
Tight Rolled Jeans3165
Reebok Freestyle2156
Sideways Ponytails2178
Tee Shirt Clips3133
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles4257
My Two Dads392
Double Dare2106
Jane Fonda Workout3164
Jordache Jeans2138
Alf From Melmac3133
You Give Love a Bad Name6193
Rainbow Brite2127
New Kids on The Block5173
I’ve Fallen, And I Can’t Get Up7223
Mary Lou Retton3134
Reebok Pumps2116
Strawberry Shortcake21910
Pauly Shore2105
The X-Files293
Dirty Dancing2125
Transforme rs (Looks like two words)21210
Montell Jordan2137
Pee-Wee Big Adventure3186
Paula Abdul2105
He-Man & She-ra2105
Lisa Frank294
The Macarena2113
The California Raisins3203
Trapper Keepers2147
Kelly Kapowski2135
The Care Bears3123
Jem & The Holograms3153
Facts of Life3115
Janet Jackson2125
Pee-Wee's Big Adventure3196
The Cosby Show3123
Austin Powers2126
Happy Gilmore2125
Rose Petal Place3144
Back To The Future4154
Zack Morris2104
Starter Jackets2147
Fraggle Rock2117
Michael Jordan2137
Full House294
American Pie2118
Tom Cruise293
Bill Nye The Science Guy5204
Fast Times at Ridgemont High5244
Best Friend Necklaces3194
Steve Urkel2105
Ace Ventura2103
George Michael2136
Baby Sitters Club3154
Where In The World Is Carmen Sandiego?7315
Reading Rainbow2147
Jim Kelly283
Where's La Gear?3126
Jurassic Park2128


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