American History

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American HistoryWordsLettersFirst Word Letters
Battles of Lexington and Concord5287
Battle of the Bulge4166
The Cold War3103
Lewinsky Scandal2158
I Have A Dream Speech5171
First President George Washington4305
Sinking of the Titanic4197
The Boston Tea Party4173
The Great War3113
Landing at Kip's Bay4167
First Battle of Bull Run5205
Sherman's March to the Sea5218
Iran-Iraq War2114
The Great American Awakening4253
Eli Whitney Invents the Cotton Gin6293
Black Monday2115
First Moon Landing3165
Battle of Gettysburg3186
Homestead Act2129
Ending of Slave Trade4186
Oklahoma City Bombing3198
Battle of Dunkirk3156
Tet Offensive2123
Normandy Invasion2168
Battle of Midway3146
Siege of Yorktown3155
Battle of Saratoga3166
Samuel Colt Invents Revolver4256
Death of Osama Bin Laden5205
Hurricane Katrina2169
Federal Trade Commission3227
Battle of Antietam3166
Bombing of World Trade Center5257
Lewis and Clark Expedition4235
First Bank of the United States6265
Space Race With Soviet Union5245
Great Chicago Fire3165
Capture of Saddam Hussein4227
Iran Hostage Crisis3174
Benjamin Franklin's Kite Experiment4318
Battle of Okinawa3156
Monroe Doctrine2146
Delivery of Statue of Liberty5258
Korean War296
Dartmouth College vs. Woodward4269
Industrial Revolution22010
First Great Awakening3195
Mcculloch vs. Maryland3199
Battle of Fort Washington4226
Jonas Salk Creates Polio Vaccine5285
Operation Desert Storm3209
Robert Fulton Invents Steamboat4286
Duel of Burr and Hamilton5214
Los Angeles Riots3153
French and Indian War4186
Hindenburg Disaster21810
Battle of Bunker Hill4186
Pony Express2114
Apollo Seventeen2156
Library of Congress3177
Terror at Columbine3176
The Monroe Doctrine3173
Marbury vs Madison3167
Space Shuttle Columbia3205
Civil Rights Movement3195
California Gold Rush31810
Fall of Saigon3124
Signing of Mayflower Compact4257
Operation Desert Fox3189
Brown vs Board of Education5235
The New Deal3103
Battle of Paulus Hook4186
Columbus Lands in America4228
Texas Annexation2155
Cuban Missile Crisis3185
Louisiana Purchase2179
Harvard College was Founded4247
Bill Clinton Impeached3204
Battle of Nassau3146
The Great Depression3183
Dot Com Bubble3123
Anthrax Attack2137
Federal Reserve Act3177
Murder of John F Kennedy5206
Persian Gulf War3147
Nuremberg Trials2159
Roberty Fulton Invents Steamboat4297
American Civil War3168
Battle of the Alamo4166
Ringing of the Liberty Bell5237
Battle of Waterloo3166
Texas Revolution2155
Murder of Abraham Lincoln4226
Bacon's Rebellion2156
The Sugar Act3113
Manhattan Project2169
British Invasion: The Beatles4257
Operating Enduring Freedom (Operation)3249
Great Fire of New York5185
Amnesty Act2107
Attack on Pearl Harbor4196
Roe Vs Wade393
Boston Massacre2146
No Child Left Behind Act5202
Panic of Eighteen Nineteen4235
Mexican American War3187
Salem Witch Trials3165
American Revolution2188
Desert Storm2116
Gettysburg Address21710
Iraqi Freedom2125
Andrew Johnson Impeached3226
Oregon Trail2116
Boston Tea Party3146
Eli Whitney Invents Cotton Gin5263
September Eleven Attacks3229
September Eleven Terrorist Attack4309
The Holocaust2123
Operation Overlord2179
September Eleven2159


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