Awkward Moments

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Awkward MomentsWordsLettersFirst Word Letter
Wearing Two Different Colored Socks5317
Waving at Someone You Don't Know6266
Forgetting The Punch Line To Your Joke73210
Waking Up in Your Own Drool6226
Pocket Dialing Your Parents4246
Dancing With Everyone Watching4277
Pulling a Door That Says “Push” (Another P?)6247
Going Through Customs3195
Emailing The Entire Company by Mistake6338
Holding Onto a Hug For Too Long7257
Mistaking His Wife For His Daughter6309
Falling Asleep During a Kiss5247
Ripping Your Pants When Bending Over6317
Holding Open The Door For Too Long7287
Stepping in Dog Poo4168
Your High School Yearbook Photo5274
Only Adult in a Children's Movie6264
Ripping Your Pants3167
Listening To Coworkers Talk About Their Kids7389
Watching Game of Thrones With Your Parents7368
Forgetting Your Wallet at Dinner52810
Caught Picking Your Nose4216
Caught Telling a Lie4176
Caught Cheating at WTP4196
Asking Teacher For Goodbye Kiss5276
Realizing That Smell is You5239
Finding Yourself Locked Out of Your Car7337
Passing Gas On a Treadmill5227
Forgetting Someone's Name32210
Wiping Out In Front of Other People7296
Calling Someone The Wrong Name5267
Losing Your Swimsuit in the Water6286
Caught Staring at Someone You Like6296
Updating Your Status While Playing Hookie6368
Caught With Fly Down4176
Getting Tagged In a Scandalous Facebook Photo7397
Dancing When Everyone Is Watching5297
Seeing Someone Singing in Their Car6306
Fighting Over The Arm Rest On a Plane8308
Calling Your Wife Your Ex's Name6267
Farting With Headphones On4237
Tweeting on the Company's Corporate Account6378
Meeting Your Date's Parents For The First Time8387
Walking Into A Glass Door5217
Doing Yoga For The First Time6245
Asking Your Teacher To Prom5236
Neighbour Lady Caught You Looking5299
When Your Joke Is Not Funny6224
Your Justin Bieber Ringtone Goes Off in Public8394
Running Into an Ex4157
Say “YYou Too” When Someone Congratulates You (You)7403
Calling Your Teacher “Mom”4217
Asked Your Teacher To Prom5225
Forgetting To Wear Deodorant42510
Forgetting Your Laptop At Home52610
Not Being Invited To A Friends Party7303
Walking The Same Direction After You Say Bye8377
When Old Family Albums Surface5264
Updating You Facebook Status While Playing Hookie7438
Find Stuff Between Teeth From Hours Ago7334
Getting Pulled Over3177
Showing Up To Work With a Hickey7267
Finding Out Your Date Is Related To You8327
Getting a Drop Off Kiss From Mom7267
Chasing After a Bus4167
Losing Your Swimming Suit in The Water7326
Seeing a Friend at The Doctor's Office7316
Being Late For Class4175
Clap When Nobody Else Does5224
Asking For a Raise4156
Not Being Able To Lift Something Heavy7323
Caught Staring At Someone You Love/Hate6336
Only Person To Like Your Own Post.7274
Giving Your Email Address You Made in High School9416
Asking For Money You Are Owed6246
When You Can't Find Your Glasses You Dropped8364
Forgetting To Wear Deoderant (deodorant)42510
Tripping Over Nothing3198
Learning To Skate3158
Toilet Paper Stuck on Shoe5226
Caught Taking a Selfie4196
Farting When You Thought You Were Alone7337
Mistakenly Thinking Someone Is Pregnant53510
Clap When No One Else Does6214
Forgot to Lock Public Toilet Door6286
Running Out of TP In Public Bathroom7307
Receiving a Letter From The IRS6269
Left Hanging For a High Five6234
Sharing an The Elevator With Someone You Hate8387
When Your Mother Adds You On Facebook7314
When The Airline Loses Your Luggage6304
Called Your Teacher “Mmom” (Mom)4216
Caught Playing WTP3166
Silent and Violent Flatulence4266
Scream During a Scary Movie5236
Running Out of Toilet Paper5237
Dropping Your Phone on Your Face While In Bed9378
Falling Asleep in a Meeting5237
When Your Stomach Makes Funny Noises6314
Dropped Phone on Face While in Bed7287
Caught Singing When You Thought You Were Alone8396
Caught Crying in The Theater5246
Tweeting From The Company's Corporate Account6398
Walking The Same Direction After You Say Goodbye8417
Caught Crying at The Theatre5246
Bouncing a Cheque3158
When Your Mom Adds You on Facebook7284
First Dates2105
Asking About an Ex Boyfriend5246
Sitting at The Kids Table at Christmas7327
Farted When You Thought You Were Alone7326
Asking a Woman Who Isn't Pregnant When Her Baby is Due11436
Giving The Email Address You Made in Highschool8406
Tagged In a Bad Facebook Photo6256
Forgot To Lock Bathroom Door5246
Update FB While Playing Hookie5266
Updating Your Facebook Status While Playing Hookie7448
Seeing Someone Sing In Their Car6276
Have Too Much Food On My Plate7244
Tweet From Wrong Account4215
Fighting On a Plane4168
Farting In Public3157
Not Able To Lift Something Heavy6273
Seeing a Friend At The Doctors Office7316
Giving Your Email Address You Made In Highschool8416
Dropped Phone On Face When In Bed7277
Calling Your Teacher “Mmom”4227
Saying “You Too” When Someone Congratulates You7396
Elevator Ride With Person You Hate6298
Getting Locked Out of Your Car6257
Funny Stomach Noises3185
Caught Singing Out Loud4206
Dance When Everyone Is Watching5275
Asking For Goodbye Kiss4206
Mum Adds You On Facebook5203
Mistake Wife For His Daughter5257
Wearing Two Different Socks4247
Walk Same Direction After You Say Bye7314
Called Your Teacher “Momm”4216
Find Something Between Your Teeth Hours Ago.7374
Asking Next Stall For Toilet Paper.6296
Leaving Your Email Address You Made In High School9427
Game of Thrones With Parents5244
Your Date Is Related to You6224
When You Can't Find Your Glasses6264
Meeting Your Date's Parents4237
Seeing a Friend At Doctors Office6286
Toilet Paper Sticking To Your Shoe6296
Neighbour Caught You Looking
Snoring Loudly While Sleeping in Public6347
Mom Adds You On Facebook5203
Singing When You're Home Alone5257
Pulling A Door That Says “Ppush”6257
Your Justin Bieber Ringtone4244


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  1. Playing from my smartphone. Category Awkward Moments. Answer could only be “Holding Open the door for too long”….. my opponent and I both solved on the game said it was “wrong” answer.

    Also have problems with the display of a 5 line clue…. the bottom line displays only the very tips of the letters on this line. The display needs to be adjusted for a Samsung Galaxy S5 !! Thanks…. otherwise enjoy this game.

  2. “Say ‘you too’ when someone congratulates you,” should have 3 as the number of letters in the first word, instead of 6.

  3. On Say “you too” when someone congratulates you has two Y’s in You, but did not input the Y in Say or the last You.

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