College Life

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College LifeWordsLettersFirst Word Letters
Classmate Asking Stupid Questions4309
Falling Asleep in Class4207
Hard Time Waking Up4164
Friendship Drama21510
Navigate Through a Frat Party5258
Winning Football Games3207
One Night Stand3133
Morning After Pill3167
Losing Your Phone3156
Freedom From Parents3187
Greek Life Rush Week4175
Taking Summer Classes3196
Next Day Hangover3154
Freshman Fifteen2158
Figuring Out What to Wear5218
Walk of Shame3114
Overpriced Ivy League31910
Girls Gone Wild3135
Peanut Butter and Jelly4206
Test Tube Shots3134
Being Broke2105
Noise Complaint for Partying4255
Fraternity Row21310
Going to Class With a Hangover6255
Grade Point Average3175
Homecoming Game21410
Lost on the First Day of Classes7264
Buying Cheap Beer3156
Deciding What To Do Tonight5238
Work Study Program3164
Ordering Chinese Takeout3228
Apply For Internship3185
When's The Exam?3125
Attending Career Fairs3209
College Fight Song3167
Best Friends Forever3184
Printer Ran Out of Ink5187
Late Night Snack3144
Visit Your Friend's School4225
Lose Your Flash Drive4184
Bachelor of Science3178
Puffing All Day Everyday4217
Not Knowing What Day It Is6213
Drunk Dialing2125
Sign Up for New Classes5194
Where's The Party?3146
Transfer Students2168
Boring Professors2166
Eating Breakfast in the Afternoon5296
Deciding Your Major3178
Preparing Cheat Sheet3199
Cramming Finals2148
Co-Ed Dormitory3134
Sorority Girls2138
Making Jello Shots3166
Towel the Door3125
Pounding Headache2168
Academic Probation2178
Off Campus Housing3163
Associate Degree2159
Dorm Party294
First Keg Stand3135
Random House Parties3186
Annoying Roommate2168
Fraternity Boys21410
Drinking Energy Drinks3208
Summer Goes By Too Fast5196
Volunteer at Charity Events4249
Trouble Deciding Major3207
Figuring Out How to Buy Alcohol6268
Expensive Tuition Bill3209
Full Time Enrollment3184
College Drop Out3147
Shotgun a Beer3127
You Only Live Once4153
Last Day of Classes4164
Last Minute Textbook Shopping4264
Overpriced Ivy Leagues32010
Arguing With the Professor4237
Community College2169
With Or Without You by U.Two6224
Group Projects Gone Wrong4225
Spending Money You Don't Have5248
Shady Roommate2135
Biggest Hangover2157
Excited When Class is Canceled5267
Forgetting to Do Laundry42110
Study Abroad in Another Country5275
Fifth Year Senior3155
Student ID Card3137
Regret Sleeping With3186
School Closed on a Snow Day6226
Leftover Pizza2138
Middle of No Where4156
Financial Aid 21210
When's the Homework Due Again?5245
Flip Cup Challenge3164
Beer Pong284
Web Based Classes3153
Eating the Dining Hall Food5236
First Day of Class4155
Sock on Doorknob3144
Trying to Impress Someone4226
Acing the Final Exam4175
Tweet it275
Hashtag It297
Foreign Professors2177
Facebook Stalking2168
Freshman Parking2158
The Walk to Class4143
Panama City2106
Spring Break2116
Overslept and Missed Class4239
Five Second rule3144
Meeting Life Long Friends4227
Baked Brownies2135
Changing Majors2148
Pulling a Prank on Roommate5237
Not Paying Attention In Class5253
Forgetting When Homework Is Due52710
Having A Hot Professor4196
Do Not Understand Anything You Read6302
Early Morning Classes3195
Best Time of Your Life5184
Underage Drinking2168
Long Nights at the Library5224
Graduation Day21310
Fresh Meat Freshman3175
Pledging a Fraternity3198
Hangover Next Day3158
Private Insitution (Institution)2177
There Is No I in Dormitory6225
First Day of Classes4175
Bachelor of the Science4208
Getting Your Masters Degree4247
Having A Crush On Your Professor6276
Fresh Meat Freshmans3185


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