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Common SayingsWordsLettersFirst Word Letter
Look Before You Leap4174
Catch Twenty Two3145
Beating a Dead Horse4177
Everything But The Kitchen Sink52710
Good for Nothing3144
More Bang for Your Buck4194
Don't Be A Stranger4154
Not the Sharpest Tool in the Shed7273
Make a Virtue of Necessity5214
Drop Dead Gorgeous3164
Easy as Pie394
A La Carte381
Put on Your Thinking Cap5203
Call it a Day4104
A Little Bird Told Me5171
Carpe Diem295
Cry Over Split (Spilt) Milk4163
Take the Upper Hand4164
Under the Weather3155
Cut off Without a Penny5193
Excuse My French3146
Pull Someone's Leg3154
Beggars Can't Be Choosers4217
Whole Nine Yards3145
Get off Your High Horse5193
All Greek to Me4123
Face The Music3124
Ball and Chain3124
Take with a Grain of Salt6204
Hold Your Horses3144
An Eye For An Eye5132
Penny Saved is a Penny Earned6245
Behind The Eight Ball4186
Put A Sock In It5123
Gut Feeling2103
Throw in the Towel4155
Wild Goose Chase3144
A Shot in the Arm5131
White as Snow3115
Hit the Ground Running4193
Climb on the Bandwagon4195
Over the Moon3114
Go for Broke3102
Fool and His Money Are Soon Parted
Not Playing With a Full Deck6233
Bite the Dust3114
Drive Me Nuts3115
Fit as a Fiddle4123
What Goes up Must Come Down6224
Counting Sheep2138
Paddle Your Own Canoe4186
Ships Passing in the Night5225
Brand Spanking New3165
Win Hands Down3123
Wear The Trousers3154
Good as Gold3104
Wouldn't Harm a Fly4157
Diamond in the Rough4177
Cut to the Chase4133
Over a Barrel3114
Foam at the Mouth4144
The Third Degree3143
Spick and Span3125
My Cup of Tea4102
Out of This World4143
Dime A Dozen3104
Beauty is Only Skin Deep5206
Right Off the Bat4145
Between a Rock And a Hard Place7257
Short End of the Stick5185
Turn a Blind Eye4134
Fall from Grace3134
Elephant in the Room4178
Agree to Disagree3155
Twenty Four Seven3156
Barking Up the Wrong Tree
On the Bubble3112
Cup of Joe383
Head Over Heels3134
Put up Your Dukes4143
My Two Cents3102
On the Dot382
Can't Judge a Book by Its Cover7244
Double Whammy2126
Hang in There3114
Pain in the Ass4124
Needle in a Haystack4176
Goody Two Shoes3135
Bury The Hatchet3144
Friend in Need is a Friend Indeed7276
Fine as Frog's Hair4154
Playing for Keeps3157
Too Much of a Good Thing6193
Fifteen Minutes of Fame4207
Ankle Biter2105
Ring Down The Curtain4184
Pen is Mightier than the Sword6253
Game is up384
Neither Here Nor There4197
Push The Envelope3154
Sky's The Limit3134
Fingers and Thumbs3167
Don't Go There3114
Two Peas in a Pod5133
A Sight For Sore Eyes5171
Fair and Square3134
Keep Your Shirt On4154
Roll With The Punches4184
Down in the Dumps4144
Brownie Points2137
Know The Ropes3124
Houston, We Have a Problem5217
Son of A Gun493
Seen Better Days3144
You're Dressed To Kill4185
Every Cloud Has a Silver Lining6265
Beg the Question3143
Badger to Death3136
Back Seat Driver3144
Take the Cake3114
Eat My Hat383
Money Doesn't Grow on Trees5225
Hasta La Vista Baby4165
Cash On The Nail4134
A Foot in the Door5141
Like Father Like Son4174
Spill the Beans3135
A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing5211
At the Drop of a Hat6152
In Your Face3102
When the Rubber Hits the Road6244
Green Eyed Monster3165
Achilles' Heel2128
Mumbo Jumbo2105
Play by Ear394
Steal My Thunder3145
Make My Day394
A Piece of the Action5181
Back To Square One4154
High and Dry3104
Shiver My Timbers3156
A Skeleton in the Closet5201
Tough It Out3105
Blood Sweat and Tears4185
The Early Bird Catches the Worm6263
Go Dutch272
Walk the Plank3124
Man of Few Words4133
Batten Down the Hatches4206
For Crying Out Loud4163
Rags to Riches3124
Hot as The Sun4113
Never Give a Sucker an Even Break7275
Bored to Death3125
Elvis Has Left the Building5235
Fiddling While Rome Burns4228
Back to the Drawing Board5214
A La Mode371
Cold Shoulder2124
Busy as a Bee4104
One Hit Wonder3123
Out of the Blue4123
Quick and Dirty3135
By the Skin of Your Teeth6202
Bells and Whistles3165
A No Brainer3101
Nip in the Bud4113
Age Before Beauty3153
Tie the Knot3103
Bed of Roses3103
Keep On Trucking3144
You Are What You Eat5163
A Good Man is Hard to Find7201
Bigger Bang for Your Buck5216
Keep Your Eyes Peeled4184
Down to Earth3114
Keep Your Chin Up4144
It Serves You Right4162
Between Two Stools3167
Cookie Cutter2126
Alive and Kicking3155
Beat Around the Bush4174
Last But Not Least4154
Fly By The Seat of One's Pants7233
Rise and Shine3124
Fight Fire With Fire4175
By the Book392
Love is Blind3114
Nothing is Certain But Death and Taxes7327
Complete Shambles2168
Bring Home the Bacon4175
Ace in the Hole4123
Early Bird Gets the Worm5205
Less is More3104
Absent Without Leave3186
Run Out of Steam4133
Rain or Shine3114
Over My Dead Body4144
Lose Your Marbles3154
Till the Cows Come Home5194
Down to the Wire4134
Blow Your Mind3124
For Ever and a Day5143
Back to the Grind4144
Call of the Wild4134
Cook The Books3124
Feather in One's Cap4167
Born Again294
Draw a Blank3104
Saved by The Bell4145
End Of Story3103
Piece of Cake3115
An Offer He Can't Refuse5192
Take it Easy3104
As Strong as its Weakest Link6242
Praying at the Porcelain Altar5267
Get off the Wrong Foot5183
Pigs Might Fly3124
Off the Record3123
Speak of the Devil4155
Don't Sweat It3114
Tongue in Cheek3136
Knock on Wood3115
Rule of Thumb3114
Blind Leading the Blind4205
Blast From the Past4165
Kick the Bucket3134
Keep Me in the Loop5154
Grind to a Halt4125
Totally Slipped My Mind4207
Grasp the Nettle3145
Chip On Your Shoulder4184
An Arm and a Leg5122
Go Out on a Limb5122
Read Between the Lines4194
Once in a Blue Moon5154
Hit The Nail on the Head6193
Hedge Your Bets3135
Take a Back Seat4134
Through Thick and Thin4197
Curiosity Killed the Cat4219
Ugly Duckling2124
The Whole Shebang3153
A Drop in the Bucket5161
Even at the Turning of The Tide7254
Preaching to the Choir4199
A Drop in the Ocean5151
Hard Pill To Swallow4174
Caught Red Handed3156
You Can Say That Again5183
Heebie Jeebies2136
Make Hay While The Sun Shines6244
Buckle Down2106
Level Playing Field3175
Survival of the Fittest4208
Fate Worse Than Death4184
A Fate Worse Than Death5191
Break the Ice3115
Quid Pro Quo3104
Let Her Rip393
Don't Call Us,We'll Call You6214
A Dog is a Man's Best Friend7211
Cat Out of the Bag5143
Left Overs294
Top Dog263
The World In My Hands5173
Down Pour284
Play On Words3114
Half Hearted2114
Under Cover Cop3135
Next To Nothing3134
On Cloud Nine3112
No Strings Attached3172
Black Sheep of the Family5215
Out of Sight, Out of Mind6193
Early Bird Catches The Worm5235
Close But No Cigar4155
See You Later Alligator4203
A Golden Key Can Open Any Door7241
Dropping Like Flies3178
Blood is Thicker Than Water5235
Jumping the Gun3137
Juliette Binoche2158
Battle Royal2116
Put Your Best Foot Forward5223
Tomorrow Is Another Day4208
Get Out of Here4123
Cut the Mustard3133
Graveyard Shift2149
Apple a Day Keeps the Doctor Away7275
Bury Your Head in The Sand6214
For Every Thing there is a Season7273
Fly on the Wall4123
Has the Cat Got Your Tongue6223
Don't Look a Gift Horse in the Mouth8284
Well How About That4164
Just Say'in294
No Way252
Oh, Please282
What's Up275
Talk to the Hand4134
Bad News Travels Fast4183
A Fool's Paradise3141
Faith Will Move Mountains4225
Picture is Worth a Thousand Words6287
Knock Your Socks Off4175
Shot in the Dark4134
Easier Said Than Done4186
Break a Leg395
Over the Top3104
Bad Hair Day3103
Keep the Ball Rolling4184
Devils in the Details4186
Green Eye Monster3155
All Intents and Purposes4213
Two Heads Are Better Than One6243
Achilles Heel2128
A Fish Out of the Water6181
Against The Grain3157
About Face295
Get Off On The Wrong Foot6203
Raining Cats And Dogs4187
Round Robin2105
It Never Rains But It Pours6222
My Shoe Lace Is Untied5182
Cry Over Spilled Milk4183
Bucket List2106
It Is What It Is5122
Thank Your Lucky Stars4205
Zig Sag263
Ride His Coattails3164
Groovy Baby2106
Heads Up275


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  1. Can you find the saying that says ” As the blank said blank blank blank” It won’t be long now.” This senior cannot remember. Thanks

  2. Please help last question in my quiz. Letters mean A B O Y I F A S, O B A Y I F A it’s proverb or a saying. If you can help I would be grateful. Thanks

  3. Please help a last question in my quiz is A B O I F A S. O B A I F A S it’s a . Proverb or a saying if you can help me I would be very grateful as its slowly driving me mad. Thanks

  4. Looking for a 17 letter phrase, didn’t find one I wanted. So I went with -Don’t fear the reaper
    It has an apostrophe though..if that matters

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