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EventsWordsLettersFirst Word Letters
Pony Ride284
End of Mayan Calendar4183
Ten o'clock News3133
Lazy Sunday2104
Space Shuttle Launch3185
Halftime Show2128
Daytona Five Hundred3187
Romantic Dinner For Two4208
Annual County Fair3166
Party All Night3135
Restaurant Week21410
Coming Out Party3146
MTV Video Music Award4173
Toga Party294
Senior Prom2106
New Year's Eve Party4163
Sunset Dinner2126
Trick or Treating3155
Television Show Reruns32010
Window Shopping2146
Electric Daisy Carnival3218
Twenty First Birthday3196
Tokyo Game Show3135
Quilting Bee2118
Driver Education Class3206
Turn of the Century4164
Winter Olympics2146
Bring Your Child To Work Day6235
Tailgate Party2138
The Academy Awards3163
Brunch With Best Friend4206
Truck and Tractor Pull4195
Mowing The Lawn3136
State Fair295
Fourth of July Parade4186
First Date295
Woodstock Festival2179
Earth Day285
Grocery Shopping2157
Nobel Prize Award Ceremony4235
Car Accident2113
Happy Hour295
Family Reunion2136
Phone Interview2145
Lottery Drawing2147
The Olympic Pole Vault4193
Total Eclipse of the Sun5205
Mother's Day2107
Four Minute Mile3144
Easter Egg Hunt3136
Last Day of Passover4174
Laser Light Show3145
Overnight Trip2139
Magic Show295
Girls' Night Out3135
Parent Teacher Conference3236
Breast Cancer Walk3166
Fund Raising Party3164
The World Series3143
One Day Sale3103
Piano Recital2125
Movie Night2105
Baby's First Steps3155
Sasquatch Music Festival3229
Stock Market Crash3165
Swimming in the Ocean4188
Bar Crawl283
The Centennial Olympics3213
Walking on the Beach4177
Saturday Morning Cartoons3238
Ultra Music Festival3185
Masquerade Ball21410
Ship Launching2134
Spelling Bee Contest3188
Wine And Food Tasting4184
New York Comic Con4153
Emergency Room2139
Landing on the Moon4167
Hurricane Sandy2149
Solar Eclipse2125
The First Day of Spring5193
Yoga Classes2114
The Oscars293
Miniature Golf2139
Fly Fishing2103
Detroit Auto Show3157
Back Stage Pass3134
Yearly Check-up2136
Pie Eating Contest3163
Moving Out of Parents House5236
San Diego Comic con4163
World Cup285
Talent Search2126
Late Night Television3194
Lunar New Year3125
Superbowl Sunday2159
The Watergate Scandal3193
A Face Off In Hockey5161
Electric Zoo2118
All Saint's Day3123
Christmas Day2129
The Cold War3103
Baseball Double Header3208
The Winter Olympics3173
Fashion Week2117
Red Letter Day3123
Democratic National Convention32810
Soapbox Derby Race3167
Psychic Reading2147
Tulip Festival2135
French Grand Prix Auto Race5236
Calgary Stampede2157
Wild Goose Chase3144
Comedy Club2106
Horseback Riding2159
Republican National Convention32810
Red Cross Blood Drive4183
Election Day2118
Davis Cup Tennis Matches4215
World Series of Poker4185
Bachelor Party2138
Day at the Spa4113
Caribbean Cruise2159
St. Patrick's Day3132
Spanish American War3187
Indian Summer2126
Sunday Services2146
The Norman Conquest3173
Christmas Shopping2179
Apollo Eleven2126
Outdoor Concert2147
War on Terrorism3143
Jazz Club284
Ten Year Class Reunion4193
Category Five Hurricane3218
Potluck Supper2137
Labor Day Barbecue3165
Retirement Party21510
Watching Sunset2148
Ash Wednesday2123
Sundance Film Festival3208
The Emmy Awards3133
The Olympic Long Jump4183
Stanley Cup Playoffs3187
Soccer Practice2146
Sunday Night Football3196
New Orleans Mardi Gras4193
Kentucky Derby2138
Reading A Book3127
The Return of Halley's Comet5233
Poetry Contest2136
Mega Millions Jackpot3194
Birthday Party2138
Pajama Party2116
Mexican Drug War3147
The New York Marathon4183
Yankees & Red Sox3137
Posting on Facebook3177
Campaign Fund Drive3178
Demolition Derby21510
Tropical Storm2138
French and Indian War4186
Miss Universe Beauty Pageant4254
Game Developers Conference3244
High School Pep Rally4184
Camping in the Wilderness4227
Times Square Ball Drop4195
Bar Mitzvah2103
Touchdown Dance2149
The War of the Roses5163
Round Robin Tennis Tournament4265
Grand Slam Home Run4165
Homecoming Game21410
Tournament of Roses Parade42310
White House Conference3205
Saint Patrick's Day3165
Global Financial Crisis3216
Lincoln's Birthday2168
The Battle of Hastings4193
Poetry Reading2136
NBA Finals293
Hunger Strike2126
Yacht Race295
Wedding Reception2167
British Royal Wedding3197
Cinco De Mayo3115
Sack Race284
High School Reunion3174
Fresh Water Fishing3175
Groundhog Day2129
Roller Skating2136
Running of the Bulls4177
Breaking the Sound Barrier4238
Martin Luther King's Speech4236
The Grammy Awards3153
Charity Auction2147
Stay Home Vacation3164
State of the Union Address5225
Daylight Savings2158
April Fools Day3135
April Fool's Day3135
Fourth of July Picnic4186
MTV Video Music Awards4193
Yom Kippur293
Memorial Day2118
Dress Rehearsal2145
Cyber Monday2115
Occupy Wall Street3166
Lunar Festival2135
Sold Out Concert3144
Easter Sunday2126
Pole Vault Event3144
Autumn County Fair3166
Ping Pong Tournament3184
Water Skiing2115
Relay Race295
Report Card Day3136
Cross Country Road Trip4205
Good Friday2104
Traveling Carnival2179
National Cherry Blossom Festival4298
Church Picnic2126
Black Friday2115
Rush Hour Traffic3154
Broadway Show2128
Jury Duty284
Scavenger Hunt2139
Boardgame Night2149
Columbus Landing in Americas4258
Track and Field3135
Cross Country Skiing3185
Shooting Pool2128
Maternity Leave2149
The Easter Parade3153
Graduation Day21310
Johnstown Flood2149
Father's Day2107
First Day of School4165
The Johnstown Flood3173
Volleyball Game21410
Veteran's Day2118
Sweet Sixteen Birthday Party4255
Coming of Age3116
Star Trek Convention3184
Opening Night2127
The Boston Tea Party4173
Tribeca Film Festival3197
Soap Box Derby Race4164
Moving out of Parent's house5236
The Last Supper3133
Pony Express2114
Battle of Gettysburg3186
Girl's Night Out3135
Thank Goodness it's Friday4225
Miso Ramen294
Million Man March3157
Battle of Okinawa3156
Normandy Invasion2168
Iran Hostage Crisis3174
Death Of Osama Bin Laden5205
MTV Music Video Awards4193
Karaoke Bar2107
Sending A Fax3117
Sending Someone A Fax4187
Board Game Night3145
Taking A Nap3106
Miss Universe Beauty Pagant4244
Silvester Party2149


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