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Famous NovelsWordsLettersFirst Word Letter
East of Eden3104
Much Ado About Nothing3194
The Pickwick Papers3173
Under the Volcano3155
Paradise Lost2128
The Prince and the Pauper5213
Don Quixote2103
Tom Jones283
The Woman in White4153
An American Tragedy3172
Ender's Game2106
Nineteen Eighty-Four2188
USA Trilogy2103
A Farewell to Arms4151
The Man Without Qualities4223
Jack Reacher2114
White Fang295
The Death of Artemio Cruz5213
Their Eyes Were Watching God5245
The Happy Prince3143
The Count of Monte Cristo5213
To the Lighthouse3152
A Brief History of Time5191
The Trial283
The Grapes of Wrath4163
The Lorax283
The Taming of the Shrew5193
The Winter of Our Discontent5243
The Tempest2103
The Turn of the Screw5173
Three Blind Mice3145
Wuthering Heights2169
Nancy Drew295
Atlas Shrugged2135
Breakfast of Champions3209
Tristram Shandy2148
James and the Giant Peach5215
Anna Karenina2124
Vanity Fair2106
A Song of Ice and Fire6171
The Hobbit293
The Good Soldier3143
Tuesdays With Morrie3188
The Vampire Chronicles3203
In Search of Lost Time5182
The Tin Drum3103
The Red and the Black5173
The Portrait of a Lady5183
What Color is Your Parachute?5244
Native Son296
Catch Twenty-Two3155
The Jungle Book3133
Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas6254
Fathers and Sons3147
The Baby-Sitters Club3183
Deadeye Dick2117
Moby Dick284
The Thorn Birds3133
Treasure Island2148
The Tortoise and the Hare5213
Crime and Punishment3185
The Adventures of Tom Sawyer5243
The Chronicles of Narnia4213
The Magic Mountain3163
A Wrinkle in Time4141
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire7295
The Old Man and the Sea6183
The Sun Also Rises4153
The Time Machine3143
The Hunchback of Notre Dame5233
The Hardy Boys3123
The Green Mile3123
The Sound and the Fury5183
The Silver Chair3143
The Rainmaker2123
Gone With The Wind4154
New Moon273
The Scarlet Letter3163
Absalom, Absalom!2147
Where The Wild Things Are5215
The Martian Chronicles3203
The Age of Innocence4173
Finnegans Wake2139
The Golden Notebook3173
Robinson Crusoe2148
The Bridges of Madison County5253
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory5297
Uncle Tom's Cabin3145
The Firm273
Henry V265
The Voyage of The Dawn Treader6253
The Adventures of Oliver Twist5263
Dream of the Red Chamber 5205
A Journey to The Center of The Earth8291
Jane Eyre284
The Island of Doctor Moreau5233
Madame Bovary2126
Invisible Man2129
The Call of Cthulhu4163
The Magician's Nephew3183
Leaves of Grass3136
The Horse and His Boy5173
The Awakening2123
The Betrothed2123
A Christmas Carol3151
Bleak House2105
The Shining2103
The Cat in the Hat5143
Heart of Darkness3155
Call It Sleep3114
Jerry West295
The Godfather2123
Jack and the Beanstalk4194
The Outsiders2123
Cat's Cradle2104
The Satanic Verses3163
The Notebook2113
Gravity's Rainbow2158
Watership Down2139
One Hundred Years of Solitude5253
For Whom the Bell Tolls5193
The War of the Worlds5173
Snow Country2114
Julius Caesar2126
Brideshead Revisited21910
My Antonia292
The Stranger2118
Cities of Salt3126
Breaking Dawn2128
Curious George2137
The Last Chronicle of Barset5243
The House of the Dead5173
Little Women2116
And Then There Were None5203
The Communist Manifesto3213
Les Miserables2133
The Lion, the Witch and The Wardrobe7293
The Lord of the Rings5173
Romeo and Juliet3145
The Two Towers3123
Divine Comedy2126
Something Wicked This Way Comes5279
Dead Souls294
The Joy Luck Club4143
Sweet Valley High3155
The Tale of Peter Rabbit5203
Prince Caspian2136
The Red Badge Of Courage5203
The Little Prince3153
Chicken Soup for the Soul5217
On the Road392
The Picture of Dorian Gray5223
Women in Love3115
Things Fall Apart3156
The Catcher in the Rye5183
How the Grinch Stole Christmas5263
The Three Musketeers3183
The Princess of Cleves4193
Le Pere Goriot3122
Ethan Frome2105
Little House on the Prairie5236
The Rum Diary3113
The Tell-Tale Heart3163
Beyond Good and Evil4176
The Jungle293
The Last of the Mohicans5203
The Kite Runner3133
One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest6253
The Return of the King5183
Tropic Of Cancer3146
The Brothers Karamazov3203
The Joy of Sex4113
Jonathan Livingston Seagull3258
Around the World in Eighty Days6266
Animal Farm2106
The Wheel of Time4143
War and Peace3113
The Hunger Games3143
Fear Street2104
The Call of the Wild5163
A Midsummer Night's Dream4211
The Da Vinci Code4143
This Side of Paradise4184
The Wind in the Willows5193
Fahrenheit Four Fifty-One32210
Gunga Din285
Who Moved My Cheese?4163
Green Eggs and Ham4155
The Leopard2103
The Last Battle3133
The Adventures of Pinocchio4243
On the Origin of Species5202
The Horse Whisperer3173
The Tale of Genji4143
King Lear284
The Great Gatsby3143
A Walk to Remember4151
Brave New World3135
The Bobbsey Twins3153
Black Beauty2115
The Alchemist2123
A Time to Kill4111
Of Mice and Men4122
Fight Club295
The Fellowship of the Ring5223
A Tale of Two Cities5161
The Raven283
The Pelican Brief3153
Old Man And The Sea5153
Pride and Prejudice3175
The Grinch Who Stole Chistmas5253
A Wrinkle in Time.4151
Fifty Shades of Grey4175


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  1. I just played a round of famous novels and the answer was The Grinch Who Stole Christmas, however; the game itself has the word Christmas misspelled. It was Chistmas. smh

  2. The following works are not novels.
    A Brief History of Time
    Much Ado About Nothing
    The Tempest
    Leaves of Grass
    Jack and the Beanstalk
    Julius Caesar
    Romeo and Juliet
    The Divine Comedy
    Chicken Soup For the Soul
    The Joy of Sex
    A Midsummer Night’s Dream
    King Lear

  3. You should start a “famous tv families” category and include families like the Cosby, flintstone, rubble, cleaver, Walton’s, Ingalls, etc…and include the names of the family members….

    • Sorry we are not the official game makers. Although we think it’s a good idea and you should definitely message Zynga and tell them about it!

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