First World Problems

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First World ProblemsWordsLettersFirst Letter
My Clothes Shrunk in the Wash6242
My Cleaning Lady Quit4182
Burnt My Tongue Drinking Hot Tea6275
Garbage Can is Too Full5197
Too Many Clothes, Nothing to Wear6273
Cutting Onions is Making Me Cry6267
Like to Cook but don't like to clean8284
Power Cable Too Short4185
My bed is too soft5142
Not Enough Dip For My Chips6223
Keyboard is Dirty3158
There's No Wifi in the Subway6236
TV Remote is too far5162
People Ask Me Things They Can Google7306
Left Headphone is Broken4214
Dead Pixel on TV Screen5194
Coffee is too hot4146
Forgot My Computer Password4246
Have To Change Password Again5254
No Toilet Paper in Public Restroom6292
Broke My New Year's Resolution5255
Trouble Typing With Fake Nails5267
That Has Too Many Calories5224
Have Too Much Loose Change5224
No One Accepts Pennies4192
Left Phone Charger At Work5224
Missed The Movie Previews4226
Where to Go On Vacation5195
Cracked My Cell Phone Screen5247
I gained Weight3131
Have Cereal But No Milk5194
My Dishwasher is Loud4182
Restaurant Messed Up My Order52510
My Wallet is Too Heavy5182
I Slept Too Much4131
Lost Weight and Clothes Don't Fit6274
Forgot What I Was Going to Google7276
Set up a Meeting for a Meeting7245
Air Condition Not Cold Enough5253
Sand Blew Onto My Beach Towel6244
My Shoe Lace is Untied5182
Too Much Ice In Soda5163
Public Internet Is Too Slow5236
Warm Beer284
Have Too Much Food On My Plate7244
Had to Park Far From The Door7233
Escalator is Broken. I have to Walk7289
Everyone Is Texting Me4198
My Coupons Expired3162
I Don't Have a Smart Phone6201
Navigation System Has Wrong Directions53410
Tangled Earphones2167
Seed in My Seedless Watermelon5264
My GPS Gave Me the Wrong Directions7292
Automatic Garage Door Is Broken5279
Deciding What to Eat For Lunch6258
Can Not Find the TV Remote6213
Ate Too Much at the Buffet6213
Back Hurts From Lying in Bed All Day8294
Have to Carry All the Stuff I Bought8294
I Didn't Mean to Close that Tab7241
The Bacon is Cold4143
My Bus Came Late4132
Lost Internet Connection3224
Tired From Eating Too Much5225
New Shoes Are not Worn in Yet7233
My Dry Cleaners is Closed Today6262
Go to Bathroom But Forgot My Phone7282
My Order Didn't Ship Yet5192
I Forgot to Check into Foursquare6281
Update Requires Restarting Computer4326
Have to Go to the Gym6164
People Talking in Movies4216
Tired from Sleeping All Day5235
My Medicine Tastes Bad4192
Soup or Salad3114
Toilet Paper isn't Soft Enough5256
No One Liked My Post5162
Lost Power for Five Minutes5234
Forgot to Record my Favorite Show6286
There Is too Much Food in My Fridge8285
Gasoline Prices2148
I'm Thirsty But Only Have Water6252
Crowded Gym During New Year5237
Many TV Channels, Nothing to Watch6284
No time for Tanning4162
My Computer Has a Virus5192
Today is Monday3135
Feet Hurt From Shopping All Day6264
Pizza Box Does Not Fit In Fridge7265
Chipped My Nail3137
Misplaced My Pen Again4199
Too Much Junk Mail4153
Auto Correct Spelled My Word Wrong6294
My Alcohol Tolerance is too High6272
Screen Protector Air Bubbles4256
Can Not Find Car in Parking Lot7253
Someone Left Me A Voicemail5237
Radio Always Repeat the Same Songs6295
I Have to Print Something5211
Heater is Making Too Much Noise6266
My Toilet Seat is too Cold6212
Poor wifi Reception3174
My Maid Is Late4122
Cut Myself Shaving3163
I Had to Write a Check6171
Someone Put Nutella in the Fridge6287
There's No WIFI3126
Radio Always Repeats the Same Songs6305
Cell Phone Ran Out of Power6224
This Red Light is Too Long6214
My Food Delivery Came too Fast6252
Flight Arrived Ahead of Schedule5286
Had To Park Far From Door6203
Too Many Popups3133
Hurry Up and Wait4145
Insecure About How You Look5238
Shotgun Wedding2147
Setup A Meeting For A Meeting6245
All Nighters Doing Homework4243
Unable to Connect to the Internet6286
My Order Didn't Ship4162
Looking For Help3147
Getting Dumped Before Prom4237
Restaurant is Missing My Order52610
Wet Floor In Public Bathrooms5253
I Butt Called My AA Sponsor From a Bar9301
I Had to Write a Cheque6181
My Spellcheck Keeps Correcting My Curse Words7392
There's No Wifi in Subway5206
People Who Leave Ice Cream in the Fridge8336
First Day of School as a Freshman7275
Lets Go to the Park and Have Fun8254
Break The Safe3125
Dialup Internet Is Too Slow5236
Cracked My Cellphone Screen4247
Where Is My Mom Didn’t Close Door All The Way.10355
My Dog Ate My Car Keys6172
Devo Cambiare Password3204
I Didn't Mean To Close That Tab.7241
Hungry But Already Brushed Teeth5286
House Too Big3115
Missed Bus Because It Came Early6276
No Seat On The Train5162
Memory Full2106
They Got My Coffee Order Wrong6254
Chipped My Nails3147
Hair Clogged Up The Drain5214
No Time For Breakfast4182
No Plug Next To Bed4152
Batteries Not Included3209
Line Is Too Long4134
She Is Wearing The Same Dress As Me8283
Can't Find My Other Sock5194
There's Nothing On TV4176
Tomarse Una Medicina Asquerosa4277
Olvidarte De Lo Que Ibas A Decir7269
Too Much Money, Can’'t Close Wallet6273
Forgot My Password Again4216


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