Guilty Pleasures

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Guilty PleasuresWordsLettersFirst Word Letter
Picking Your Nose3157
Eating Nutella With a Spoon5236
Extra Cheese On Your Pizza5225
Sleeping Commando2168
Watching TMZ2118
Crocs With Socks3145
Skipping Your In Law's Party (In-Law)5238
Driving Too Fast3147
Practical Jokes2149
Going Out For Fast Food5195
Second Helping2136
Licking The Batter Bowl4207
Eating Raw Cookie Dough4206
Spying On Your Neighbours4226
Using Hashtags2135
Singing When You're Home Alone5257
A Big Bag of Crunchy Salty Chips7261
Sleeping in the Sun4168
Falling In Love With Cartoon Characters6347
Watching The Notebook3198
Watching Movie Trailers3218
Swiping Right On Tinder4207
Sandals With Socks3167
Erotic Novels2126
Wearing Your Wife's Clothes4237
Creeping on Facebook3188
Eating Pickles and Ice Cream5246
Completing Online Quizzes32310
Double Dipping2136
Singing To Your Cats4177
Flirting With Strangers3218
Apres Ski285
Stealing Mum's Make Up4188
World of Warcraft3155
Netflix Movie Marathon3207
Unbuttoned Jeans After Eating42610
Ryan Gosling Movies3174
Sitting Down To Gossip4197
Spying On Your Neighbors4216
Tater Tots295
Soaking In The Hot Tub5187
Buying The Latest Gadget4216
Playing What's The Phrase4217
Playing Air Guitar3167
Facebook Stalking An Ex4208
Stealing Shampoo From Hotels4258
Extended Washroom Break3218
Eating Whole Tub of Ice Cream6246
Fantasy Romantic Love Novels4257
Sleeping At Work3148
Getting Your Tan On4167
Eating Lots of Chocolates4226
Taking Selfies2136
Watching a Romantic Comedy4238
Being a Furry3115
Sleeping In Late on Weekends5248
Cranking Up The Music in The Car7268
Ordering Popcorn at the Movies5268
Calling in Sick on Sunny Days6247
Rocking Out To Nickelback4227
Singing In The Shower4187
Posting Facebook Photos of Food5277
Posting Photos of Food On Facebook6297
Eating Frosting Out of The Tub6256
Listening To Top 40 Pop Hits5219
Reading a Favorite Book4207
Reading Trashy Magazines3227
TV Show Marathons3152
Checking Out Babes Through Sunglasses5338
Instagram Every Meal3189
Whipped Cream From The Can5227
Eating A Whole Tub of Ice Cream7256
Following The Five Second Rule5269
Walking Around Your House Naked5277
Eating Baby Food3146
Surfing Youtube2147
Ryan Gossling Movies3184
Sleeping in Until Noon4198
Eating PB From the Jar5186
Buying a Designer Dress4206
Watching Lots of Romantic Comedy5288
Checking Your Horoscope3218
Dropping the Kids off at Grandma's6288
Biting Your Nails3156
Buying Expensive Shoes3206
Cleaning Your Ears With Q-Tips5258
Fresh Baked Cookies3175
Expensive Drinks at Starbucks4269
Walking Around The House Naked5267
Scrolling Through Twitter Feed4279
Ordering Dessert2158
Ease Drop At a Restaurant (Eaves)5214
Drinking Milk From The Carton5258
Getting Your Nails Done4207
Bridal Registry2146
Reading Comic Books3177
Buying Yourself Flowers3216
Extended Washroom Break(s)3228
Sleeping With a Teddy Bear5228
Extended Washroom Break3218
Crying During Emotional Movies4276
Having Seconds2136
Eating Fries Dipped in Milk Shake6286
Finding And Making New Recipes5267
Listening To My Kitty Purr5229
Not Wearing Any Underwear4223
Drinking Vintage Champagne3248
Going To The Spa4135
Scratching an Itch31610
Popping Zits and Pimples4217
Sleeping In Late on The Weekends6278
Watching Sailor Moon3188
Watching TV All Night4188
Having A Bubble Bath4176
Playing With Your Kids’ Toys5237
Drinking Chocolate Milk3218
Eating An Entire Pizza4196
Checking Social Media At Work5258
Staying Up Way Too Late5197
Eating An Entire Gallon of Ice Cream7306
Wearing Two Different Socks4247
Meeting Your Date's Parents4237
Drink Wine In Bordeaux4195
Playing Games While Sitting On The Toilet7357
Eavesdrop At A Restaurant4229
March Seventeen2145
Watching A Romantic Comedy 4248
Climb Mount Fuji3145
Learn To Play The Guitar5205
Learn To Do Yoga4135


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