High School Problems

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High School Problems PhrasesWordsLettersFirst Word Letter
Stomach Ache In Class4187
Crowded Hallways2157
Useless Substitute Teachers3257
Gym Class Right After Lunch5233
The One Pimple That Won't Go Away7263
Maintain Good Grades3188
Addicted to Facebook3188
Game Today, Test Next Morning5244
Friendship Fallout21710
Being Shoved In Your Locker5235
Insecure About How You Look5238
Writing an Impromptu Essay4237
Couples Drama2127
Being Broke2105
False Rumors2115
Preparing For SAT Test4199
Homework Assignment Over Break4278
Cafeteria Food2139
Didn't Make Sports Team4195
Can't Stop Tweeting3164
Parent Teacher Conference3236
The Final is Not Multiple Choice6273
Doing the Mile Run4155
Getting Held Back3157
Game Tonight, Test Next Morning5264
Last Week of Summer4164
Summer School2126
After School Detention3205
Rejected By Your Crush4198
Acne Problem2114
Can't Find My Eraser4164
Teen Pregnancy2134
Heavy Textbooks2145
Forgot Locker Combo3176
Making the Wrong Choice4206
Bad SAT Score3113
No Prom Date3102
Lack of Sleep3114
Getting Caught Texting3207
Report Card Day3136
Not Graduating on Time4193
Replying to Colleges3188
Math Problems2124
Can't Control My Emotions4214
Failing Drivers Education3237
Too Many Tests in One Day6203
Way Too Much Makeup4163
Monday Mornings2146
School Not Cancelled on Snow Day6276
Short Lunch Periods3175
Hot Classroom2123
Writing College Essays3207
Afraid to Fail3126
Being a Transfer Student4215
Dealing With Fake People4217
Endangered of Being Expelled42510
Varsity Try Outs3147
Being Judged2115
Feeling Bloated2147
Missing the Big House Party5237
Drama Queen2105
Forever Alone2127
Attention Deficit Disorder3249
School Budget Cuts3166
That Time of the Month5184
No Plans On A Friday Night6212
Stuck up people3135
Getting Dumped Before Prom4237
Late for Class3124
Being On Time for Curfew5205
Your Crush Likes Your Friend5244
Paying Fines for Textbooks4236
School Bully2116
Getting Picked on as a Freshman6267
Prom Dress Shopping3174
No School Closing on Snow Days6252
Social Peer Presssure3196
Last Day of Vacation4174
Saturday Detentions2188
Forgot My Lunch Money4186
Project Due2107
Break ups285
Dress Code295
Not Fitting In3123
Essay Question Exams3185
Not Being Able To Sleep5193
Missing the Bus3137
Longest Week Ever3157
Bad Progress Report3173
Smelly People2126
Boring Teacher2136
Have Your Phone Taken Away5224
Getting Carded at a R-Rated Movie6277
Food Fight294
Losing Your Homework3186
Wannabe Gangsters2167
Pop Quizzes2103
Bad Hair Day3103
Being Forced to Attend a Pep Rally7285
Hopeless Crush2138
Fool's Paradise2135
Applying to Colleges3188
Having After School Job4206
Too Much Public Display of Affection6313
Sharing A Locker3147
Friend Zoned2116
Love Triangle2124
Being Cheated On3145
Forgot Gym Clothes3166
Studied the Wrong Chapters4237
Too Many Absences3153
Feeling Guilty After Eating4247
Glitchy as Hell3137
What Was She Thinking?4184
Dirty Bathrooms2145
Wore Same Clothes As Yesterday5264
Left Textbook at School4204
Falling in Love3137
Having a Two Day Practice5216
Forgot To Set My Alarm5186
Passing Your Driving Test4227
Stuck in Bathroom During Fire Drill6305
Bought Elevator Pass3186
Not Knowing Anyone3163
Too Much Homework3153
Good Friend Moving Away4204
Grounded by Parents3178
Last Picked in Gym Class5204
On Tumblr Too Much4152
Too Distracted2133
Summer Readings2146
No Money For Lunch4152
Making up an Excuse4166
Morning Classes2147
Pressure From Parents3198
Teacher's Pet2118
Jammed Locker2126
School Uniforms2146
Graduation Goodbyes21810
Out of Shape3103
Bad SAT Scores3123
All Nighter's Doing Homework4243
Lost My Phone3114
Working After School3187
Freshman Friday2148
Spring Break is Too Short5216
Being Suspended From School4245
My Bus is Late4112
Hot Classrooms2133
Forgot My Homework at Home5226
First Day of School as a Freshman7275
Having A Two A Day Practice6226
Drama Queens2115
Lunch Money Got Stolen4195
Nothing to Do on Friday Night6247
Professeur Ennuyeux21810
In Danger of Being Expelled5232
Summer Goes by Too Fast5196


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