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Internet MemeWordsLettersFirst Word Letters
Nyan Cat274
Epic Smiley2104
Don't Tase Me Bro4134
Dat Ass263
That's What She Said4165
Pirates vs Ninjas3157
McKayla Maroney Is Not Impressed5287
Overly Attached Girlfriend3246
Come at Me Bro4114
Your Argument is Invalid4214
You Mad Bro?393
Eli Porter293
Aww Yea Guy393
Leeroy Jenkins2136
Internet Husband2158
Me Gusta272
Photo Bomb295
Lol Guy263
Get to the Choppa4143
Horse Head Mask3135
Gingers Do Have Souls4187
Cool Story, Bro3124
One Does Not Simply4163
Dramatic Chipmunk2168
Fifty Shades of Grey4175
Honey Badger2115
Good Guy Greg3114
Best Cry Ever3114
Zerg Rush284
Chuck Norris2115
Rules of the Internet4185
Bad Luck Brian3123
Keanu is Sad3105
You Don't Say3103
Rebecca Black2127
Rick Rolled2104
Guile's Theme Goes With Everything5296
Okay Guy274
Gangnam Style2127
Scumbag Steve2127
Grammar Nazi2117
Star Wars Kid3114
Botched Ecce Homo Painting4237
Call Me Maybe3114
Hide Your Kids Hide Your Wife6244
If You Know What I Mean6182
Third World Success3175
Yo Dawg262
So You're Telling Me4162
Techno Viking2126
Antoine Dodson2137
I Don't Want391
Flipping Tables2148
Would Not Bang3125
Feel Like a Sir4124
Do a Barrel Roll4132
Rage Quit284
Haters Gonna Hate3156
Call Me Zelda One More Time6224
All Your Base Are Belonging To Us7273
Epic Sax Guy3104
lol ascii283
First World Problems3185
Rage Guy274
Bros Icing Bros3134
Uber Frosh294
Release The Kraken!3167
NASA Mohawk Guy3134
Duck Face284
Keep Calm and Carry On5184
Mother of God3116
Yao Ming Face3113
Shut Up and Take My Money!6204
Face Palm284
It's Over Nine Thousand4193
Peanut Butter Jelly Time4216
Two Girls One Cup4143
Keyboard Cat2118
Double Rainbow2136
Forever Alone2127
Photogenic Guy21310
Nom Nom Nom393
Like a Boss394
Mckayla is Not Impressed4217
Epic Fail284
Feels Like a Sir4135
Poker Face295
True Story294
Grumpy Cat296
Success Kid2107
It's Over Nine Thousand!4193
Monkey in Ikea3126
All Your Base Are Belong To Us7243


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  1. “All your base are belong to us” is the phrase I got. Not “all your base are belonging to us” the one i got has 24 letters not 27. (Neither one makes sense to me!)

    • The original phrase is indeed “All your base are belong to us.” It’s from an old Japanese game, Zero Wing, that was poorly translated into English.

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