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LandmarksWordsLettersFirst Word Letter
Berlin Wall in Germany4196
Cape Canaveral Launch Pad4224
The Alamo in Texas4153
Site of Troy in Turkey5184
Golden Gate Bridge3166
Iguazu Falls2116
Angkor Wat in Cambodia4196
Waterloo in Belgium3178
Empire State Building3196
Channel Tunnel2137
Kinderdijk Windmills in Holland42810
Washington Monument21810
The Sphinx in Romania4183
Table Mountain in South Africa5265
Christ the Redeemer, Brazil4236
The Colosseum in Italy4193
Faisal Mosque In Islamabad4236
Trevi Fountain In Rome4195
Burj in Dubai3114
Middle of the Earth in Ecuador6256
Auschwitz in Poland3179
Great Sphinx of Giza4175
Machu Picchu in Peru4175
Ephesus in Turkey3157
Vinson Massif in Antarctic4236
Parc Guell in Spain4164
Space Needle Tower3165
Timbuktu, Mali2128
Statue of Zeus at Olympia5216
Carnac in France3146
White Cliffs of Dover in England6275
Eiffel Tower in France4196
Atomium in Brussels3177
Temple of Artemis at Ephesus5246
Hollywood Sign in Los Angeles5259
Petra in Jordan3135
Welcome Sign in Las Vegas5217
Mount Eden Crater in New Zealand6275
Wailing Wall in Jerusalem4227
Berlin Cathedral in Germany4246
The Liberty Bell3143
Stonehedge of Wiltshire32110
The Blue Mosque in Istanbul5233
Golden Temple in India4196
Hermitage in Russia3179
Palace of Versailles in France5266
Great Wall of China4165
Nevado Mismi in Peru4176
Rock of Gibraltar3154
Hanging Garden of Babylon4227
Manneken Pis in Brussels4218
Sydney Opera House3166
Lascaux in France3157
Piazza San Marco in Italy5216
Kremlin in Russia3157
Marine Corps War Memorial4226
Stonehenge in Wiltshire32110
Tower Bridge in United Kingdom5265
Lincoln Memorial2157
Mount Fuji in Japan4165
Konark Sun Temple in India5226
Taj Mahal in India4153
Blue-Domed Church In Santorini4269
Pompidou Centre in Paris4218
Pompeii in Italy3147
The Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt7283
Inuksuk in Canada3157
Newgrange in Ireland3189
Lotus Temple in India4185
Cn Tower In Canada4152
Maritime Greenwich, England3248
Angel Falls in Venezuela4215
Vietnam Veteran Memorial3227
Little Mermaid in Copenhagen4256
Acropolis of Athens3179
Forbidden City in China4209
Big Ben in London4143
North Cape in Norway4175
Jin Mao Tower in China5183
Mecca in Saudi Arabic4185
Great Buddha of Kamakura in Tokyo6285
Bran Castle in Romania4194
Grand Canyon in Arizona4205
Los Glaciares National Park4243
Abu Simbel in Egypt4163
Hagia Sophia in Istanbul4215
St. Basil Cathedral in Moscow5242
Mont St. Michel in France5204
Sagrada Familia in Spain4217
Library of Congress3177
Mount Everest2125
Lighthouse of Alexandria32210
Mount Rushmore in South Dakota5265
Millau Bridge in France4206
Cathedral of Notre Dame in Paris6279
The Louvre in France4173
Cape of Good Hope in South Africa7274
Sydney Opera House in Australia5276
Funen, Denmark2125
St. Peters at Vatican City5212
Colossus of Rhodes3168
Arc de Triomphe in France5213
Chichen Itza in Mexico4197
The Great Rift Valley4183
Las Vegas Welcome Sign4193
Chichen Itza, Mexico3177
Panama Canal, Panama3176
Hoover Dam296
Twelve Apostles In Australia4256
Niagara Falls2127
Inukshuk in Canada3168
Leaning Tower of Pisa4187
Royal Opera House3155
Jefferson Memorial2179
Vietnam Veterans Memorial3237
The Gateway Arch In Missouri5253
Statue of Liberty in New York6246
Waikiki Beach2127
Mecca in Saudi Arabia4185
Mount of Olives3135
Twelve Apostels In Australia4256
Forbidden City2139
Jin Mau Tower in China5183
Agia Sofia in istanbul4194


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