Sweets & Pastries

This page contains the Whats the Phrase cheat database for the category Sweets & Pastries.

Sweets & PastriesWordsLettersFirst Word Letter
Chocolate Souffle2169
Creamy Chocolate Pudding3226
Birthday Cake2128
Apple Pie285
Strawberry Crepes21610
Frozen Yogurt2126
Blueberry Muffin2159
Banana Pancakes2146
Maple Walnut Ice Cream4195
Rice Krispie Treats3174
Pecan Brittle2125
Chocolate Mousse2159
Chocolate Eclair2159
Raspberry Smoothie2179
Blueberry Cobbler2169
Jelly Doughnut2135
Hostess Twinkies2157
Persimmon Pudding2169
Oatmeal Cookies2147
Peppermint Bark21410
Black and White Cookies4205
Pecan Pralines2135
Funnel Cake2106
Creme Brulee2115
Caramel Apple Pie2157
Pistachio Ice Cream3179
Chocolate Chip Cookies3209
Chocolate Fudge2149
Dulce de Leche3125
Fruit Salad2105
Bahama Mama Shaved Ice4196
Chocolate Covered Strawberry3269
Walnut Brownies2146
Green Tea Ice Cream4165
Sweet Potato Pie3145
Banana Split2116
Strawberry Trifle21610
Whoopie Pie2107
Lemon Pie Parfait3155
Dark Chocolate2134
Lady Fingers2114
Strawberry Flan21410
Angel Food Cake3135
Cherry Cheesecake2166
Chocolate Truffles2179
Baked Yams295
Caramel Nut Ice Cream4187
Cookie Sandwich2146
Red Velvet Cake3133
Belgian Waffle2137
Cherry Pie296
Strawberry Shaved Ice31910
Butter Pecan Ice Cream4196
Toffee Pie296
Cake Pops284
Candy Apple2105
New York Cheesecake3173
Baked Alaska2115
Peanut Butter Cup Ice Cream5236
Apple Tart For Sweets & Pastry5245
Candy Canes2105
English Toffee2137
Carrot Cake2106
Zucchini Bread2138
Chocolate Brownie2169
Coconut Tart2117
Fortune Cookies2147
Roasted Sweet Potatoes3207
Sugar Cookies2125
Apple Tart295
Pumpkin Pie2107
Nutella Crepes2137
Fruit Cobbler2125
Orange Pudding2136
Mango Sorbet2115
Watermelon Ice21310
Ice Cream Sundae3143
Strawberry Shortcake21910
Banana Nut Bread3146
Apple Crisp2105
Rice Pudding2114
Salt Water Taffy3144
Fruit Tarts2105
Cinnamon Roll2128
Peach Cobbler2125
Key Lime Pie3103
Banana Muffin2126
Pecan Pie285
Cheese Brulee2126
Fudge Brownie2125
Lemon Meringue Pie3165
Fluffer Nutter2137
Boston Cream Pie3146
Banana Pudding2136
Lava Cake284
Cinnamon Cookie2148
Kettle Corn2106
Caramel Apple2127
Chocolate Brownie2169


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