Vacation Spots

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Vacation SpotsWordsLettersFirst Word Letters
Cairo, Egypt2105
Taipei, Thailand (Taiwan)2146
Yellow Stone,Wyoming31811
Los Cabo, Mexico3133
Marrakech, Morocco (Marrakesh)2169
Nassau, Bahamas2236
Palm Beach Aruba3144
Florence Italy2138
New Orleans, Louisiana3193
Valencia Spain2138
Lisbon Portugal2146
George Town, Grand Cayman4216
Edinburgh Scotland2179
Bangalore, India2149
Panama City, Panama3166
Shark Bay, Australia3175
Orlando, Florida2147
Agra, India294
Tokyo Japan2105
Iguazu Falls Argentina3206
Athens, Greece2126
Machu Picchu, Peru3155
Chiang Mai Thailand3176
Bangkok Thailand2157
Milan, Italy2105
Banff National Park, Canada4235
Shanghai, China2138
Jeju South Korea3144
Vancouver Canada2159
London, United Kingdom3196
Barcelona Spain2149
Budapest, Hungary2158
Luxor, Egypt2105
Montreal Canada2148
Siem Reap, Cambodia3164
Stockholm, Sweden2159
Aalar de Uyumi, Bolivia (Salar de Uyuni)4195
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia3195
Buenos Aires, Argentina3206
Antigua, Guatemala2167
Jerusalem Israel2159
San Francisco, California3223
Nevis, West Indies3155
Frankfurt, Germany3169
Madrid, Spain2116
Bombay, India2116
New York City, New York5183
Glacier Bay, Alaska3167
Krakow, Poland2126
Turks and Caicos3145
Beijing, China2127
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil4183
Ocho Rios, Jamaica3154
Tamarindo, Costa Rica3189
Phuket, Thailand2146
Hamburg, Germany2147
Amazon Rainforest2166
Funen, Denmark2125
Grand Canyon, Arizona3185
Moscow, Russia2126
Provence, France2148
Mount Everest2125
Seoul, South Korea3155
Santorini, Greece2159
Kruger National Park3186
Santiago, Chile2138
Munich, Germany2136
Dublin, Ireland2136
Chicago, Illinois2157
Berlin Germany2136
San Juan, Puerto Rico4173
The Great Rift Valley4183
The Great Barrier Reef4193
Cape Town Central, South Africa5264
Mammoth Cave National Park4237
Bordeaux, France2148
Sydney, Australia2156
Rotorua, New Zealand3177
Tahiti French Polynesia3216
Cancun, Mexico2126
Warwick, Bermuda2147
Petra, Jordan2115
Yellow Stone, Wyoming3186
Zanzibar, Tanzania2168
La Paloma, Uruguay3152
Tuscany, Italy2127
Yosemite National Park3208
Amsterdam Holland2169
Ibiza, Spain2105
Punta Cana, Dominican Republic4265
Las Vegas, Nevada3143
Dubai, United Arab Emirates4235
Serengeti National Park in Tanzania5319
St. James Barbados3152
Castries, St. Lucia3158
Key West, Florida3143
Frankfurt Germany2169
Tumon, Guam295
Sapporo, Japan2127
Hong Kong, China3134
Miami, Florida2125
New Delhi, India3133
Vienna, Austria2136
Giza, Egypt294
St. John's Antigua3142
Granada, Spain2127
Positano Italy2138
Niagara Falls, Canada3187
Venice, Italy2116
Prague, Czech Republic3196
Melbourne, Australia2189
Saint Martin2115
Istanbul, Turkey2148
Great Barrier Reef, Australia4255
Kyoto, Japan2105
Cartagena, Colombia2179
Iguazu National Park3186
Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe3218
Kazan, Russia2115
Cabo San Lucas, Mexico4184
Paris, France2115
Sorrento, Italy2138
Los Angeles, California3203
Havana, Cuba2106
Bora Bora, French Polynesia4234
Vancouver, Canada2159
Rome, Italy294
Nairobi, Kenya2127
Bali, Indonesia2134
Taipei Taiwan2126
Positano, Italy2138
Rocky Mountains2145
Honolulu, Hawaii2148
Nashville Tennessee21810
Maui, Hawaii2104
Blue-Dome Church in Santorini4258
Manneken Pis in Vrussels4218
Iguazu Falls, Argentina3206
Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia3204
Chaing Mai, Thailand3176
Le Park National de Glacier Bay6262


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  1. I just completed a phrase under the “80’s” category that the answer was not on the what’s the phrase cheat page. The answer was “Garbage pail kids”. Just thot would let you know so you could add it to your page. Thanks so much for the page & the game. It really helps a lot when you know the answer but aren’t certain of the spelling, or when you are playing a smart ellick who always has the right answer. Lol. Have a wonderful day & blessed & merry Christmas!

  2. P.s. It would REALLY be nice if we weren’t restricted to only so many games at a time. I hav tons of friends who play & I can’t play with all of them when I already have 20 games going. Also, it would be nice to have the option of “pass & play”, where 2, or more, people in the same room could play a game between us on 1 device. 1 other thing, I also hav A LOT of friends on Facebook who do not have a phone to play on. Could you PLZZZZZZZ look into making this game available to play on a laptop or Please call whhen u hav a few to chat.? Please????? Thanks so much !

  3. On your Cape Town answer its: Cape Town Central, South Africa in the game but on here you have Cape Town, Central South Africa. Don’t know which is right but should change one of them! đŸ™‚

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