What to Wear

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What to WearWordsLettersFirst Word Letter
Basketball Jerseys21710
Farmers Overalls2157
Yoga Leggings2124
Baseball Caps2128
Sheepskin Boots2149
Tall Riding Boots3154
Hidden Platform2146
Bermuda Linen Shorts3187
Doctor's Gown2117
A Pair of Work Boots5161
Faux Leather Hobo Bag4184
Signature Outfits2169
Insulated Ski Jackets3199
Mother's Wedding Gown3187
Chef Jackets and Aprons4204
Wizard's Cloak2127
Military Cargo Pants3188
Shearling Earmuffs2179
Slim Fit Dress Shirt4174
Milan Fashion Week3165
Blouse and Pencil Skirt4206
Duffle and Gym Bag4156
Sleeveless Tank Top31710
New York Fashion Week4183
Patterned Tights2159
Royal Tiaras and Crowns4205
Spaghetti Strap Dress3199
The Flapper Look3143
Little Black Dress3166
Formal Prom Dresses3176
Waterproof Luggage21710
Rock Chic Style3134
Slim Fit Dress Shirts4184
Floral Printed Bikinis3206
Poncho Sweaters2146
Ankle Wedge Heel Boots4195
Wedding Attire2137
Patent Leather Slingbacks3236
Classic Quilted Leather Chain Bag5297
Pearl and Diamond Ring4195
Halter Neck Dress3156
Funky Retro Jackets3175
Aviator Sunglasses2177
Roman Trooper Helms3175
Haute Couture Shows3175
Jumpsuits and Rompers3199
Fitness Pants with Pockets4237
Leather Suitcase2157
Paris Fashion Week3165
Ready to Wear3115
Rain Jackets and Boots4194
Polka Dot Picnic Hat4175
Cowboy Hats and Boots4186
Scarves and Wraps3157
Magician's Top Hat3159
Crocheted Capes2149
Cocktail Party Dress3188
Suede Flat Shoes3145
Boyfriend Shirt2149
Jeweled Enamel Clutch3197
Knitted Beanies2147
Ballet Tutu2106
Fur Bolero Jacket3153
Bridesmaid Dresses21710
Zippered Hoodies2158
Gloves and Mittens3166
Alpaca Wool Blended Coat4216
London Fashion Week3176
Shorts and Boat Shoes4186
School Uniform2136
Embossed Leather Satchel3228
Emerald Pendant Necklace3227
Open Toe Pumps and Heels5204
Catwalk and Runway3167
Cable Knit Cardigans3185
Waterproof Travel Luggage32310
Stitched Silk Gloves3188
Bathing Suits and Cover Ups5237
Sailor Suit2106
Baby Onesies2114
Cashmere Scarf2138
A Pair of Work-Out Sneakers5221
Faux Fur Vests3124
Biker's Shorts2126
Button Down Plaid Shirt4206
Long Draped Jersey Dress4214
Flower Girl Dresses3176
Artist Beret Hats3156
Denim Skinny Leggings (Jeggings)3195
Beach Flip-Flop2135
Ghost Bride Halloween Costume4266
Oxford Shirts and Chino Pants5256
Headbands and Sweatbands3229
Platinum Wedding Band3198
Ugly Christmas Sweaters3214
Camel Trench Coat3155
Roman Toga and Tunic4175
Loafers and Moccasins3197
Nurse Uniform2125
Gold Hoop Earrings3164
Peep Toe Pumps and Heels5204
Leg Warmers and Dance Tights5243
Tuxedo and Black Bow Tie5206
Goose Down Winter Jacket4215
Platform Sandals2158
Knee High Socks3134
Rain Jacket and Boots4184
Denim Skinny Jeggings (Leggings)3195
Diamonds and Pearls3178
Robe Decolletee2144
Loafers and Mocassins3197


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        • NOT correct – just played it and it is JEGGINGS not LEGGINGS – Jeggings are leggings that are styled to look like tight denim jeans. Check Wiki.

        • Thank you for confirming that you have seen Denim skinny Jeggings in the game. What I did was to do a search for Denim skinny Leggings and there were products for the items. Can some else confirm that they saw “Denim skinny Leggings”.

          For the mean time I have included both phrases in the database with them cross referencing each other with () because they only have single letter difference.

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